Family Health & Nutrition

What to Expect


During our initial consultation, we will discuss your intake forms in detail so I can get a clear sense of what factors have brought you to where you are today. There is no cookie cutter solution. I will be using my finely trained skills to identify imbalances and recommendations by examining your diet and lifestyle to date. In our following appointment...

Services and Programs


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Join our community of healthy individuals. Find the strength, confidence, and energy to conquer every day and live up to your full potential. Enjoy great savings and benefits!

Group Programs


Work towards your goals with programs geared to helping you achieve your goals. Access all your materials and resources and interact with Heather, all in one place - the secure client portal. 

Love Powered


We all have the power to take on the world. The power of love, the power of courage, the power of brilliance, the power of determination, the power of being our own unique selves. Help your little ones, teens and yourself discover this power. 

(Heather Weddell is a proud affiliate and supporter of Love Powered Co., their mission and their products)

Weight Loss


Most moms I know are not happy with their body. Since they are so busy and dedicated to their family, they often feel rushed to jump into the latest diet/weight loss program that promises FAST results. My approach is completely different. First, it is completely personalized. Secondly, we approach weight loss as a by-product of healthy living. Thirdly, I guide you step-by-step all the way.