What clients are saying


Joan W.

I was experiencing some health issues, like ongoing yeast infections, problems eating some foods and not knowing exactly which foods they were, causing me to panic attacks and having to find a washroom quickly. Heather provided me with a custom diet and lifestyle program to follow that would support my specific needs. After 4 weeks of gradually implementing her recommendations, I already noticed changes in how I was feeling plus I had shed 8 pounds. My husband was easily able to make changes too and lose some weight. Neither one of us has ever had such success with weight loss - and we weren't even trying! We are both enjoying our new healthy lifestyle - Heather has made it easy with so many great food choices and strategies. Every week is easier and better - we plan to continue with our new way of living.

Adale W.

My husband went to Heather for support for his fibromyalgia and I decided to follow his nutrition and lifestyle plan with him. It was the best decision I could have made for myself and my family. In just one week I had more energy and felt so much better. I couldn't  believe how good I felt. My neck and shoulders which normally I have alot of pain in was starting to not hurt as much.  My sleeping habits were better, I would wake up in the morning feeling rested and ready to go for the day. At the end of the day after work I still would have energy to go for walks and do other things around the house. And I have even lost weight! The other great thing is that the whole family feels better. Even my kids are enjoying the healthier snacks and meals. They even like the healthier desserts more than the ones I used to make! The kids are also sleeping better and not so tired in the mornings. My kids' friends have noticed what my kids are eating and they want to try the foods.

Ann C.

A little over six months ago I was suffering from; severe pains in the abdomen,

battling diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, sleepless nights and weight gain.

I started getting these conditions after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a

mastectomy and developed lymphedema. I went several times to my doctor but

nothing he prescribed worked and abdominal wall manipulation only helped for a

short time. Like many people,  I have had some success with  many diets, but now it was different, I was confused about what food I could or couldn’t eat. I was also having stomach problems when eating certain foods. I really needed help! Luckily I won a meal plan certificate at a Cancer Fund Raiser sponsored by Heather Weddell. When I contacted her she was very open and easy to talk to. I told her all my problems and she was confident that she would be able to help me. Over my 6-month plan, Heather designed several meal plans that addressed all my concerns about foods, helped with my inflammation., were delicious,

easy to make and took the worry and confusion out of eating. Over the course of these six months we have had several conferences over the phone and since I travel a lot it was very convenient. The meal plan is emailed so it’s also available wherever I am. And the best part is I can truly say my abdominal problems are over. With her recommendations to stay active, do mediation, eat well I’m on my way to losing the weight. Thank you so much, Heather.